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Article published in Urologia Polska 1997/50/4.


Magdalena Czubak, Grzegorz Herlinger, Jan Szymanowski
Oddzia³ Urologii Szpitala Bielańskiego w Warszawie
Ordynator: dr med. Jan Szymanowski


bladder bladder cancer continent urinary diversion rectal bladder


Objective. The authors described theirs own experience in creating sigma-
rectum pouch Mainz II in bladder cancer patients.
Patients and method. In 28 patients modificated sigma-rectum pouch Mainz
II was created. All patients were operated on TCC.
Results. The observation time is 5 to 42 month, mean 18 months. Two
patients died in postoperative period (to 30 days after the operation). During
the observation time 7 patients died - 6 because of tumor progression.
Complications occured in 12 patients (43%) and 6 (21%) of them connected
with the method. 3 patients (11%) were reoperated. All patients had good
urinary continence. 1 patient (4%) had dribbling of urine in the night. All
patients run normal active life and are satisfied with method.
Conclusion. Sigma-rectum pouch Mainz II meets all criteria for a satisfactory
continent urinary reservoir.


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