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Article published in Urologia Polska 1987/40/2.


Tadeusz Zaj±czkowski, Winfried Straube, Werner Schlake
Z Oddziału Urologicznego Marienhospital Essen
Kierownik: prof. dr med. W. Straube
Z Instytutu Patologii Gelsenkirchen
Dyrektor: prof. dr med. W. Schlake


Eleven benign tumours of the testicle and 3 of the epididymis are presen­ted. They accounted for 13.0% of all patients treated for testicular tumours. The most fre±uent signs were: presence of palpable nodule, testicular enlargement, pain was less fre±uent. Of diagnostic importance were: palpation and ultrasonography, and intraoperative histological examination was decisive. In 3 cases the testicle was removed, in the remaining cases only partial orchiectomy was done or the tumour was excised. In one case of benign tumour of the epididymis epididymectomy was done, and in 2 cases the tumour was resected together with a part of the epidi­dymis. In patients with histologically confirmed benign tumour and normal re­sults of laboratory investigations the organs should be spared as far as possible.


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