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Article published in Urologia Polska 1990/43/4.


Władysław Tkaczewski, Zbigniew Pieloch, Eugeniusz Miękoś, Czesław Pawlak, Halina Adamska-Dyniewska, Andrzej Szymanski, Anna Bara
Z III Kliniki Chorób Wewnętrznych IMW Kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. W. Tkaczewski
Z Kliniki Urologii ICH
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. E. Miękoś
Z Zakładu Farmakologii Klinicznej IMW
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. H. Adamska-Dyniewska
Z Klinika Pneumonologicznej IMW
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. A. Szymański
Wojskowej Akademii Medycznej w Łodzi


The semsitivity of bacteria to aztreonam was assessed in vitro and the ef-fedtaveines/s of the drug was analysed in the treatment of severe infections of urogenital infections and lower airways infections in 21 patients. The study of bacterial sensitivity was carried out on the basis of 588 cultures from 621 sam­ples of biological material. It was found that in vitro aztreonam activity against Gram-negative bacteria was high and was found in 83.0% of strains. The clinical effectiveness of the antibiotic was also high: very good clinical effect was noted in 57.2%, good in 23,8%, and in 81.0°/o of all treated cases.


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